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    Concrete Services

    Carolina Decorative Concrete offers a plethora of concrete services. There’s more to concrete than just pouring it, and CDC offers a full suite solution for all of your concrete needs. Click here to read way more . Our services include:

    Commercial Concrete

    The process behind commercial concrete differs from traditional residential concrete by focusing on additional steps for longevity and peak performance. Commercial concrete involves reinforcing the concrete with steel girders or a mesh to add stability and decrease the likelihood of cracks appearing. A non-slip high-traffic top coat is applied to the concrete to ensure it holds up over time and helps prevent any liability suits from someone slipping on its surface.

    Acid Stain Concrete

    This is an add-on service that we provide to increase the visual aesthetic of either existing or recently cured concrete. The stain is a solution designed to activate when it comes in contact with the minerals found in concrete. The stain colors can vary from browns, tans and reds to vibrant shades of aquamarine, turquoise, and jade. The staining process gives the concrete a whole new look, with each stain being completely unique. Once completed, a protective topcoat will be added to seal in the stain and prevent tarnishing.

    Concrete driveways – Driveways require more than just a few 2×4’s and a bag of concrete mix. They require professional knowledge and materials. At Carolina Decorative Concrete making sure the proper steps are followed when pouring and creating a concrete driveway are the number one priority. Our team’s knowledge of weight distribution, reinforcing, and soil conditions are key to making sure your concrete driveway is a lasting investment.
    Decorative concrete – Concrete isn’t just a bland grey matter, in fact it’s one of the most versatile building materials. Beautiful colors are able to be added, staining to create a marbled effect, and even stamping freshly paved concrete can add a huge design appeal. At Carolina Decorative Concrete we take pride in offering a wide array of decorative concrete solutions to fit your personal needs.
    Patios – Fire pits, benches, and the flooring of a patio can all be built and finished with concrete. The benefits include sturdiness, ease of cleaning, as well as design appeal. Retaining walls around a patio can be added, along with built in flower beds. Say goodbye to those pesky weed liners, and say hello to patio straight off the cover of Better Homes & Gardens.
    Pool decks – The days of fixed rock or sandy grey pool decks are gone. At Carolina Decorative Concrete we offer a full list of options to customize and compliment your pool. We don’t require you to drain the pool prior to pouring, and within the course of a few days are able to transform the pool deck into a decorative feature.
    Stamped concrete – Even the plainest of poured concrete can be kicked up a notch with our stamping service. We offer different patterns to fit the design you have in mind. All of our stamped concrete is hand stamped and checked for uniformity while the concrete is still wet. This service can make a plain slab look like an intricately tiled mosaic after the stamping process has finished.