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    Concrete Driveways

    Improve Curb Appeal with a NEW Custom Concrete Driveway from Carolina Decorative Concrete

    Custom Concrete Driveways

    Custom Concrete Driveways

    One of the first things visitors see of your home is the driveway. A driveway can speak volumes about the homeowner. Is it old, oil stained and cracked? In adequate parking spaces? Difficult to access? Replace that tired, old driveway with a new, beautiful custom driveway.

    Step One: Evaluation and Recommendations

    At Carolina Decorative Concrete making sure the proper steps are followed when pouring and creating a concrete driveway are the number one priority! First Lou Sullivan and his team begin by making sure the soil where the driveway will be poured is uniform, packed, and will provide the essential support for the concrete slab. This also ensures that the slab will be an even thickness and prevent the structure of the slab from cracking during settlement. Sometimes gravel or soft rocks may need to be laid to provide top notch results.

    Step Two: Preparation of the Concrete and Joint Placement

    The next step is mixing the concrete and placing the joints. Carolina Decorative Concrete professionals will combine the perfect variety of cements for your home’s environment to ensure a durable, lasting driveway that you will enjoy for years.

    The joints are the frame which creates the segmented style of a driveway. These joints can be placed in a way that they are simply functional, or they can be placed to create an intricate pattern or design. Carolina Decorative Concrete will review your options based off of the slope of the land, soil type, and typical weather patterns to create a resilient and functional driveway. For homes with heavy traffic, steel reinforcement may need to be added to your driveway.

    Step Three: Pouring the Concrete & Applying Decorative Finishes and/or Textures

    The final steps include leveling the freshly poured concrete, applying a texturefor improved traction such as a simple broom pattern, or staining and sealing the driveway. At Carolina Decorative Concrete the options are almost limitless. Offering concrete stamping, acid finishing, and intricate designs; CDC can turn an old driveway into a work of art after being replaced or refinished.

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