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Decorative Concrete

Decorative Concrete

The term “decorative concrete” is defined as the use of concrete for more than just a medium for construction.

What is decorative concrete?

Instead using concrete as an embellishment to a structure without interfering with the structure’s core purpose. Decorative concrete and be used to elaborately decorate floors, driveways, walls, and even patios. What sets traditional and decorative concrete apart is the use of a variety of materials and techniques both during and after the pouring process. The transformation from drab, monotone, traditional concrete to decorative concrete is a multi-tiered process which may take days or hours depending on what the consumer desires. Decorating concrete can include techniques and processes such as: stamped concrete, decorative overlays, concrete counter tops and inlays, moldings and staining.

At Carolina Decorative Concrete, Lou Sullivan and his team work studiously to provide top notch results with decorative concrete. Their hand stamping process and acid staining are second to none in the Triad area. What sets Carolina Decorative Concrete apart from competitors is Lou’s unique abilities and ambition which results in a concept that ties everything together. He has used flagstone stamping patterns on driveways to accentuate the colonial style of a home. On another job he stained the concrete in a reddish hue to contrast beautifully with the terra cotta style of the home. Whatever type of home, business, or warehouse you have, the Carolina Decorative Concrete team can work with you to accentuate your concrete in your existing or upcoming installation.

With over 30 years of experience in decorative concrete, Carolina Decorative Concrete is your one phone call solution to all your concrete needs. Whether you need a small decorative wall, a new driveway, or your pool deck redone; Carolina Decorative Concrete has you covered. Contact a Carolina Decorative Concrete representative today.

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