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Commercial Concrete

What is commercial concrete?

Commercial Concrete provides the structural durability needed for quality construction

Commercial concrete is a broad term that encompasses all the concrete walls, floors, walkways, and even architectural details of a commercial facility. Such as warehouses, retail shops, malls, industrial factories, and even restaurants. Commercial concrete differs from traditional concrete because of the stronger mix design and reinforcement required. Commercial concrete floors often require a net of steel to reinforce them and post-tensioned slab construction. The work doesn’t just stop after the pour and smooth process though, commercial concrete also usually requires finishings and coatings designed to offer high-performance results. Such as slip resistance to avoid injured staff or consumers.

Carolina Decorative Concrete has years of experience both building and repairing commercial concrete.

Lou Sullivan and his team of concrete experts offer a full suite of commercial concrete services. Including adding stamping, staining, or additional decorative options after the concrete has been poured or cured. The reinforced commercial concrete that the CDC team creates is guaranteed to hold up, be level, and surpass your expectations.  Carolina Decorative Concrete also offers slabs, sidewalks, loading docks, in-fills, concrete parking lots, residential development base slabs.

If you’re looking to start renovating or building an apartment building, church, nursing home, restaurant, retail store, school, strip mall, office, warehouse or any other commercial space; Carolina Decorative Concrete should be your first phone call. Offering the highest quality concrete work in the Triad, CDC proudly creates exceptional works of functional art.

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